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What is a Fuse Box?

fuse footprintFuse box is the colloquial name for a distribution board. These are among the most vital parts of any large electrical system. They are also used in smaller systems, such as the fuse box on a vehicle, which prevents electrical overcurrent situations in a car or truck.

Today, the majority of fuse boxes are actually provided with circuit breakers. These are a type of reusable fuse, which only requires that the user flip the breaker back to the on position after an overcurrent condition has caused it to flip off. Older fuse boxes had screw in fuse designs that needed to be removed somewhat like a light bulb and replaced with another fuse when a fuse blew.

Fuse boxes are not only designed to safeguard the circuitry to which they are attached, they are also designed to preserve the safety of human beings who have to work on the fuse box. The fuse box will be designed so that it provides insulation from the electrical current flowing through the circuits that are wired together in the fuse box. There are still older fuse boxes in use in some locations that do not have this feature. This makes them rather dangerous to work with

Modern fuse boxes have a standardized design that does vary by country. For example, fuse boxes in the US and the UK have slightly different designs. In some cases, multiple circuits will be joined together in a way that provides better function. Electricians utilize the arrangement of rows to determine the proper wiring for any given circuit.

Older fuse boxes generally need to be replaced, as many of them will not meet modern electrical safety standards. In some cases, old fuse boxes may even be found with pennies screwed into the sockets, a very dangerous way that some people kept an electrical circuit humming, even when it was in a dangerous overcurrent condition. Any old fuse boxes generally do need to be replaced with modern equivalents.